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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a group of volunteer Madeira residents and teachers who routinely research, report, and make recommendations to the Board of Education on a variety of topics.  The Planning Commission is currently divided up into groups researching the following topics for the 2015-2016 school year:

One to World: How best to get more devices into hands of students? This study will investigate different funding methods school districts are using to get more devices into the hands of students.  To determine what the best options may be that meet the needs of our school district and our Madeira parents.


MES & MMS Student Offerings: What are additional innovative "encore" opportunities that our students should be exposed to?
This study will review existing "encore" opportunities as they currently exist at MES and MMS.  Investigate what other opportunities could be offered to students to enhance their learning and exposure to preparing them for their future.


Annual Salary & Benefits Study
This study will examine how the Madeira teacher salary schedule compares to other districts?


Global Classroom Programs:  How can we expand and be more proactive as a district in providing international travel opportunities for students?
This study will explore what classroom and leadership opportunities are available for students to broaden world perspecitves within the globally competitive marketplace.  Shouuld Madeira as a school district be more systemic in providing travel abroad opportunities to high school students?  


Please click on the links to the right to access past Planning Commission reports.

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