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A Guide To Creative Planned Giving Arrangements to the Madeira Schools Foundation Endowment Fund.

"To give away money is an easy matter and in any man's power. But to decide to whom to give it, and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man's power nor an easy matter" — Aristotle

The making of appropriate, significant charitable contributions is an art. And like any art, it is a living, creative process that adapts to the changing needs and wishes of the donor.

Each year, thousands of people contribute their time, talents, and money to America's charitable religious, educational, cultural, service, and healthcare organizations. Indeed, private philanthropy is the foundation of every charitable endeavor, and it is our hope that you will want to continue this tradition on behalf of Madeira City Schools.

The nation's tax laws will recognize the role of a charitable endowment plan in meeting a public school needs and will be a benefit to Madeira City Schools. As a result, incentives are provided to encourage gifts to the Madeira City Schools Endowment. Thoughtful donors plan their contributions to minimize the after-tax cost while securing allowable benefits for themselves and their families.

The Madeira City Schools has earned the reputation of being one of the nation's
outstanding public schools. Our exceptional faculty, staff, and parental support ensure an atmosphere where students are challenged to bring forth their best efforts academically, physically, socially, and artistically. Our children are the future of our country and each child must be given the finest instruction, an academic atmosphere and extra curricular opportunities to be prepared for the 21st century.

To enrich the Madeira City Schools’ programs and ensure the financial future of the school, the Board of Trustees of the Madeira Schools Foundation has committed to building an endowment fund — its success is critical to our future. The Trustees have identified seven areas where additional resources are essential to ensure the promise of our future:
• Enhancement of all Academic, Performing and Visual Arts and Athletic Programs
• Computer or Teaching Technologies for classroom and labs
• Scholarships
• Enhancement of Library, Math and Science materials
• Supplemental Funding of Capital Projects
• Professional Development of Staff

We hope you will join us in developing generations of leaders who will improve the world they inherit. We invite you to be a part of creating a future for the children of Madeira City Schools by contributing to our Endowment Fund.

Why Build An Endowment Fund?

Ever since 1984, the Madeira Schools Foundation has focused on the Auction to generate funds to pay for the "extras" that the schools needed and to help pay for capital improvements. We are fortunate that as a result of the Foundation's efforts through the Annual Auction, the proceeds have been used to pay for such things as scholarships, computer hardware and software, athletic facilities, new seats for the high school's auditorium, theatre arts program and Alumni Fund. The Madeira Schools Foundation also raised $80,000.00 through a separate fund drive to buy equipment for the Science Lab Building.

However, to maintain our position of strengths to ensure the financial viability of the Madeira Schools Foundation, and to offer a tax-advantage vehicle for thoughtful charitable giving, the Foundation's future rests on building our Endowment.

Seven Endowment Needs
Areas of Support
Our Trustees have identified seven areas where additional resources are essential to ensure the future of Madeira Schools.
1.  Enhancement of all Academic, Performing and Visual Arts and Athletic Programs. Monies for additional books, microscopes, sound systems, teaching aids for the learning disabled, equipment for the art rooms, equipment for the "Bright Eyes" program, replacement of existing equipment and many, many more needs.
2. Computer or Teaching Technologies for classroom and labs. The need for computers for each child's use and to integrate technology into the curriculum. Madeira's schools must continue to infuse new ideas and technology into its programs.
3. Scholarships - Grants to deserving and gifted students to pursue a higher education at an approved College or University. Our Trustees seek additional funds to increase financial aid specifically through increased endowment.
4.  Enhancement of Library, Math and Science materials, as well as Textbooks. - Additional books for the Library, Science equipment (new and replacement), Math Manipulatives.
5.  Enhancement of General Classroom Supplies.
6.  Supplemental Funding of Capital Projects - To provide optimum facilities for teaching and learning that encourage each student, we
must continue to revitalize the schools’ facilities and campus.
7. Professional Development of Staff - Our Trustees have enthusiastically embraced the goal of building an endowment fund to provide some funds to ensure exceptional professional development opportunities to recruit and retain an outstanding faculty.

How can I make a planned gift to the Madeira Schools Foundation Endowment?
Bequest – One of the easiest gifts you can make is to simply remember the Madeira Schools in your will. You may add a codicil to your will with ease.
Life Insurance – You may choose to donate a policy that you already have, but no longer need, or you might purchase a new policy and name the Madeira Schools as beneficiary with very favorable tax consequences to your estate.
Real Estate – Whether your property has increased or decreased in value, real estate can be a practical and beneficial gift, especially if you own a home you no longer wish to occupy or manage.
Charitable Gift Annuity – You may make an outright gift of cash or stock directly to Madeira Schools and receive fixed payments for life. You receive tax benefits while making a contribution.
Retirement Plans – You may make Madeira Schools a beneficiary of your retirement plan and also receive favorable tax benefits.
Charitable Trusts – You may create a charitable trust that provides lifetime income as well as valuable income and estate tax deductions or a trust that provides income to the school for a term of years and transfers assets to the next generation.
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