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Enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year.

Children must be 3 by August 31, 2016

 Parents may click on the registration form on the right and turn it into the main office at Madeira Elementary School. Families are encouraged to get their registrations forms in as soon as possible. Registration forms along with a $25 check made payable to Madeira City Schools will be date/time stamped in the order they are received.  Families will receive a confirmation of your child's enrollment via email.  Only the completed registration form is due at the time of enrollment.  All other forms listed to the right are not due until the start of the school in August 2016.  


Registration Policy: Priority registration for placements will be given to currently enrolled students, siblings, staff, and past Madeira Preschool families. Once these placements are made, new families will be placed based on availability.  When there is a waiting list within the programs, placements will be made based on the date/time stamp of when registration forms were received.

Email Mrs. McPherson: mmcpherson@madeiracityschools for more information.


OPEN HOUSE for 2016 -2017 School Year
January  _ , 2016 Date to be Announced  - This is a great opportunity for new families to meet the staff and learn about what makes the Madeira Preschool a great place for kids.  



We are a community of early childhood educators who take great pride in providing our school’s youngest learners with a nurturing, safe, and interesting learning environment that engages young children every single day they are with us.  Our classrooms are staffed with skilled, certified teachers who support children’s learning socially, academically and physically.  Their goal is to create a high quality educational experience for children and their families!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our program.  I am available through phone or email to answer questions or to schedule a classroom visit.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can find more information by clicking here for additional district information on services available to children who may need special education supports.

Mary Ann McPherson, Director
985-6080 ext. 4135

A school community where learning is personalized and success is ensured.


The educational philosophy of the Madeira Preschool program is based on a developmental approach to education.  Programming is planned to meet each child’s social, emotional, cultural, cognitive and physical needs as the child passes through predictable and sequential stages of development. 

Child-directed, teacher supported, exploration and learning experiences are designed so that each child can construct knowledge at their own developmental level and pace.  This constructivist model allows children to become active participants in the learning process. Trust, social interaction, play and growing independence are seen as the foundations on which children develop problem-solving skills, language and self-esteem.

Families are considered an integral part of the learning experience.  They are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s educational program.

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