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Last Updated: 6/8/2020 3:10 PM

David Kennedy

Principal Madeira High School

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MHS Principal's Corner

Greetings MHS Students and Families, 


We hope everyone is enjoying their summer break!  Here are a couple reminders and updates from the high school.


1. If you missed the high school textbook and technology return last week, no worries.  Starting today, Monday June 8th, families may return all items to the front lobby of the high school! Place all items in a plastic or paper bag, label it with student name and grade level, and bring it up.  Enter the building through the main entry doors and place the bag on the return table.  Remember to included:

all text books, District loaned calculators, Chromebooks and charging cords, and any classroom loaned novels or books.


2. As coaches and students are now returning to the campus for practices, etc. please be very mindful of all the small children playing on the sidewalks and riding bicycles in and out of driveways. During the summer months we typically see an increase in the number of children and families utilizing the parking lot for leisure activities.  In addition, we have a lot of construction workers and related traffic with the renovation project underway.  Please drive appropriately and with caution.  Be sure to use the designated traffic lanes around the lot and not cut across the parking spots. Thank you!


3.  Finally, for students securing summer jobs:  According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, if a minor has all necessary paperwork completed and is unable to get the permit processed due to school closure, the completed paperwork may itself stand in place of the physically printed permit. Employers should keep the paperwork on file, just like they would the permit. The formal permit should be processed as soon as the school is reopened. You will need to make sure that all sections of the work permit, including the physician's part and the application are completed before you take the paperwork to your new employer. All forms and instructions can be found here.


Go Mustangs! Go Amazons! Go Madeira


David Kennedy, Madeira High School PrincipalDavid Kennedy, Madeira High School Principal



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