Madeira Students Tackle World Issues

WYOMUN students prep

Model United Nations (Model UN) enables students to step into the shoes of world leaders, gaining firsthand experience with the challenges faced by today’s leading diplomatic figures. Student delegates develop solutions to real-world problems while honing their critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills. Through debate, discussion, and collaboration, Model UN provides a controlled environment in which students are able to apply lessons from the classroom, bringing foreign cultures and issues closer to home.

Held since 2014 at Wyoming High School, Wyoming United Nations (WYOMUN) has hosted high school and middle school ModelUN club members to take on real global issues. This year’s conference was held digitally using the software Gatherly which allowed student delegates to summarizing their positions on the issues in committee, including the direction they wanted to progress in solving the problem. 

Twenty-two Madeira High School (MHS) and one Madeira Middle School (MMS) student participated in this first ever digital WYOMUN Conference. Four Madeira student delegates won awards; Lexi Born, Franny Caceres, & Niklas Polanco were named Best Delegates, and Rene Polanco was named an Outstanding Delegate.

In previous years, delegates have debated immigration, war, and race, along with historical conflicts including the Vietnam War and the Peloponnesian War. This year's topics included the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the 14th Knesset, and the Convention for a Democratic South Africa.

MHS participants were: Nathaniel Born, Alexandra Born, Will Breit, Mariana Caceres, Francisco Caceres, Yvonne Colson, Alexandra Drossos, Daniel Flottemesch, Caroline Harrison, Ronan Hurley, Veronica Jennings, Luke Knull, Chase Masterson, Jessie Miller, René Polanco, Niklas Polanco, Mateo Ramirez Laverde, Sofia Rane, Emma Rouse, Grayson Slusher, Owen Tucker, Ben Turcotte, and Will Unger (MMS). 

Pictured below: ModelUN Club officer Lincoln Jones helps prep members participating in the WYOMUN conference.

students prepping

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