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Hello MMS Families- 

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year.  It's going to be another great year at MMS!  

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2022-2023 Welcome Letter

August 19, 2022 Newsletter

September 19, 2022 Newsletter


Have a great day!

Nicole Huelsman
Madeira Middle School, Principal


October 3rd through October 7th, is SPIRIT WEEK at MMS and we are excited to see you all shine your LIGHT.  

Please consider participating in spirit week so you can earn points for your HOUSE.

Here are the days: 

Monday, Oct 3- Music Monday - Dress up as you favorite band or musician and rock your favorite band gear!

Tuesday, Oct 4 - Tropical Tuesday - All things Beachy!

Wednesday, Oct 5 - Winning Wednesday - Sports Day!

Thursday, Oct 6 -  Tired Thursday - Pajama Day!

Friday, Oct 7 -  Tie Dyed LIGHT Shirt Day - GO BIG and dress in allyour house color!

Tie Dye Shirt Washing Instructions Tie Dye Shirt


Tie Dye Shirt Washing Instructions

                                      TIE DYE SHIRT – WASHING INSTRUCTIONS FOR AT HOME

DO NOTHING FOR 24 HOURS – the longer it sits the easier it will be to wash out the loose dye.

After 24 hours you can rinse and wash the shirt:

  1. Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands. Take the shirt (still in the bag) outside. Get a bucket and hose. Fill up the bucket with cold water from the hose. Take the shirt out of the bag. Leaving the rubber bands in place, rinse the shirt out twice, changing the water between rinses. Then take all the rubber bands off and continue rinsing the shirt in the bucket of water. Keep changing the water as needed, until the rinse water

Picture day at the middle school was Tuesday, Sept 6th. If you would still like to order pictures please go to – and use the Picture Day ID code – EVT3Z7RMW for Madeira Middle School. Everyone was looking their best so don't miss the opportunity to order your memories.

Free shipping on orders of $29.99 or more using SHIPFREEF22.

For Lifetouch Customer Service please call 513-772-2110.


The Scholastic Book Fair is Coming

The Scholastic Book Fair is 3 weeks away!

The book fair will be October 10th - October 13th.

Books will be available for purchase during lunchtime and during parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday, October 12th from 3:30 pm to 7 pm.  Books make great gifts and proceeds from your purchases directly benefit the MMS library.

You can also set up an eWallet for a safe, cash free way for your child to shop. 

Also, please consider volunteering to help with the book fair.  A link to sign up for eWallet and to volunteer can be found in the link below. 



Bridging the Amazon Gap Amazons

Over 50 years after a revered teacher and multi-sport girls coach came to Madeira her lessons are still being taught.

Our Newest National Merit Semifinalists milo and bea

Congratulations Milo and Bea!

Our Elementary School's New Space Groundbreaking photo

A new educational space at Madeira Elementary School will address the district’s growing enrollment. 

Welcome to our New Staff Members! newstaff

The newest members of the Madeira City School family were welcomed at the annual orientation program.

Class of 2027 Washington DC Trip - Parent Meeting May 2022 Washington DC

Washington DC Parent Meeting - May 2022

              Slide Show Presentation