Free Lunches for All Students

free lunch

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and United States Department of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Services (USDA) extended a waiver to Madeira City Schools granting free lunches to all Madeira students (both online and in-person) through Dec. 31, 2020. The extension put in place this summer by the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Services is intended to ease access to student meals for families and allow schools to focus on feeding students rather than verifying eligibility and related administrative tasks.

Effective immediately, Madeira’s K-12 students will not be charged for school lunches (charges will apply to snacks, extra entrees and beverages other than the milk included with meals). Due to the anticipated increase in students choosing school lunches at Madeira and other school districts, some shortages and delays are anticipated. Our cafeteria staff will be working to remedy these issues as quickly as possible.

If you have prepaid for school meals, the balance will remain in your account until your child begins to purchase meals again in January (unless it is used to purchase extras).

Families meeting the USDA eligibility guidelines are encouraged to complete a free and reduced application. More information and the link to apply are available here. All families approved last school year must apply again this school year. If you received a Direct Certification letter in the mail from Milford Nutrition Services, you do not need to apply. Please contact the Nutrition office at 513-576-2290 if you have any children who were not listed on the letter. Applications are available online or can be mailed upon request.

Students learning remotely may register to receive meals by calling the Nutrition Services Office at 513-576-2290 or 513-576-4160. Once ordered, weekly meals for students learning remotely (frozen meals for seven days) are available for pickup at Madeira Middle School following the instructions at Meal Information for Remote Learners. If you previously registered, there’s no need to register again.

For more information, please contact our student nutrition provider Milford Food Service at 513-576-2290.


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