Healthy Madeira Safety Protocols

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Madeira Families:

At this time last year, we were finalizing our plans to start a school year like none other.  Together, we took bold steps to begin our school year attending school in-person five days a week not knowing the outcome.  We kept our My Madeira Promise and created the best possible scenario for our students to be in school in the face of uncertainty.  We learned that each day was special as we took it one day at a time.  And just last May, we celebrated the end of a school year and all that we accomplished together - learning together, competing in sports together, eating lunch together, playing music together, singing together, having recess together and so much more.  If there was one lesson I learned as your Superintendent in this past school year, it was that we can do hard things and are better as a Madeira community when we respect the differences of opinions and approaches to the pandemic that each family has made since March 2020.  Each family has had to choose and respond in ways that were right for their family and their student.  As we have continued to live and learn, COVID-19 is unpredictable and our willingness to remain flexible and responsive to follow our safety protocols, monitor our local health status, and track our student absences and quarantines have helped us to stay in school.

As we look to the coming school year, we are not only challenged as educators to focus on how best to help students learn, school districts across Ohio have also been tasked with making decisions about how to interpret the recommendations of public health officials that were once required health mandates.  Thank you to the many parents and community members that have shared their perspectives both personally and professionally and that represent all sides of how best to start our school year. Your thoughts have been heard and are respected.  Understanding that we must remain flexible and responsive to our current data, below are the anticipated protocols that Madeira will be utilizing based on the recommendations and requirements from Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH), the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

HEALTHY Madeira Plan Update & Change - 11/17/21 - Masking in grades PK-6 will be optional beginning second semester on January 3, 2022.

New Pediatric Vaccination Information from Hamilton County Public Health - 11/9/21 - Please see the two informational flyers for parents of children ages 5-11.

  • A flyer that includes a list of Pediatric Vaccine Providers, information about an ongoing town hall Q&A series for parents, and a QR code that scans to the webpage that has a full list of the pediatric vaccine providers in the region and their contact info for scheduling.
  • A Pediatric Vaccine FAQ with information for parents about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, safety and effectiveness, and dosage. 

New Updated ODH & HCPH Quarantine Guidance - 10/25/21 - New guidance from ODH / HCPH that will allow identified direct contacts in a school setting to remain in school instead of quarantining at home.

HEALTHY Madeira Guide 2021-2022 - UPDATED 9/9/21

HEALTHY Madeira Parent Presentation - UPDATED 8/14/21- A video presentation with slide deck from Asst. Superintendent Dave Bergan that will highlight key new information parents need to know as we start back to school. (18 min.)

A Video Welcome Back Message & Updated Changes from Superintendent Kenji Matsudo - 8/14/21

Hamilton County Public Health School Guidance Document - Updated school guidance released by Hamilton County Public Health for the 2021 school year.

My Madeira Promise
We will again be asking students, staff and parents to sign on and commit to the updated My Madeira Promise 2021-2022.  Our first response must always be to care for those who are ill or who may become ill as it will take a shared commitment from everyone to make our school year the best it can be.

Thank you for your continued patience, trust and support. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your building principal or assistant principal. Let's rise together to make Madeira a great place for kids.

Go Madeira!
Kenji Matsudo, Superintendent

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