Madeira Preschool Absence Practices & Policies

Students who are sick or displaying symptoms of illness should stay home.  It is the parent’s responsibility to monitor symptoms and seek medical advice as needed.  


When your student is sick or will be absent, here is what you should do and here is what you can expect:

1. Please call the school at 702-5756 as you normally would and report that your student is absent.

2. The school nurse may follow up and ask you a few additional questions so that we may have a better record of students who are out with illness and type of illness.

3. If a student has symptoms of COVID-19 that do not have a known cause, a parent should consult with their healthcare provider.  A doctor’s note explaining the non-COVID diagnosis should be provided to the school upon return (strep, allergies, mono, pertussis, etc.), or the doctor may decide that COVID testing is warranted. 

4. A student may return to school after 24 hours of being fever free with NO medications and have symptoms that are improving if they did not need to be tested for COVID-19 or if their test is negative.  Students are NOT required to have a COVID-19 test to be able to return to school if it is not recommended by a healthcare provider.

5. If your doctor recommends testing for COVID-19, please know that your student will not be able to return to school until a negative test result is received and the result is provided in writing. 

6. If a student has symptoms and there is a known exposure to COVID-19, the student will be considered a “probable case” and should remain home for at least 10 days since symptom onset and be fever free without medication for 24 hours and other symptoms have improved.

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