Legislative Updates

Last Updated: 11/12/2021 12:51 PM

As a public school district, Madeira City Schools is guided by state and federal regulations and guidelines established in law by our elected officials.  It is important as a school district that we are accountable for the laws and policies that govern our schools.  It is equally important that we are aware of who our elected leaders are and what legislation might be pending that impacts our local school district.  We are proud of our schools and believe that local control of our school districts allows us to provide the best high quality education for our kids in Madeira.  This page exists as a resource to our community as a means of providing legislative updates.


Madeira’s elected officials and representatives are:

Madeira BOE Members: Rich Palmer, Steve Bernicke, Ryan Lex, Paula Andruss, & David Eberly.  Additional information can be found by clicking Madeira’s BOE


State Representative: Ohio State Representative Jessica Miranda – Ohio House District 28


Ohio State Senator: District  - Louis W. Blessing, III


Current 2019-2020 Legislative Updates