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The History of Made in Madeira 

At the Madeira High School Class of 2018 graduation ceremonies, district Superintendent Kenji Matsudo shared big news with parents and students. Each of the 114 graduates who were continuing their education by attending a college or university, the military, or attending a career or technical training program, was receiving a $250 monetary Made in Madeira scholarship - and MHS graduates have received it every year since.

This tremendous opportunity was made possible by a generous donation from the estate of Homer O. Amos, a long-time Madeira resident, and the city’s local TV repairman and laundromat owner. Mr. Amos was proud that his sons had graduated from Madeira High School in the early 1970s. He was also an avid investor, successful in managing and growing his assets while living a simple and modest life. As part of his final wishes and legacy when he passed away in 2016 at the age of 90, Mr. Amos’ estate was shared with the MHS Class of 2018 graduates. His generous gift of $785,000 has provided the foundation for the Made In Madeira Scholarship for each and every MHS graduate for years to come.

Growing Our Legacy

The plan to continue to add to the scholarship fund began before the 2018-2019 school year even began, when several MHS ’18 graduates donated their scholarships back to the school to ‘pay it forward.’ As word got out about the scholarship, more people wanted to join in growing the legacy. A Madeira staff member made a donation in memory of her aunt and uncle who were former educators. A Madeira sixth-grader donated money made at a cupcake stand she held in her front yard for two summers. Donations continue to be received from current and former Madeira families, alumni, and many friends of Madeira City Schools. 

To Join the Legacy
Please contact Madeira Superintendent
Kenji Matsudo at 513.985.6070

Madeira Schools Foundation 
Director of Alumni Relations
Mindi Hilgeman at 513.924.3725

Naming the Madeira Schools Foundation in your will or estate can mean significant tax benefits for you while supporting the future of quality public education. Certain types of Charitable Remainder Trusts can even provide income for you and your family in addition to providing a meaningful gift to your alma mater.

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