2020-2021 Press Releases

Last Updated: 7/15/2021 7:16 PM

8.14.20 Welcoming New Faces at Madeira City Schools
8.14.20 Madeira School Board Appoints New Member
8.20.20 Madeira Community Helps Students Serve Others
8.20.20 Madeira City Schools Receives Auditor of State Award
8.27.20 Madeira Seniors Named National Merit Semifinalists
9.17.20 National Honor Society Inducts New Members
9.24.20 Madeira Seniors Named National Merit Commended Students
10.8.20 Madeira High School Opens Renovated Commons Building
11.4.20 Madeira Students Tackle World Issues
12.3.20 Madeira Schools Foundation Awards Scholarship
1.14.21 Madeira Schools Resolve to Help District’s Senior Citizens
1.22.21 Madeira Schools Release Annual Quality Profile
1.22.21 Madeira Students Earn Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
1.28.21 Madeira High Schoolers’ Message of Hope
2.11.21 Madeira High School Junior Aces ACT
2.18.21 Madeira High School Students Tap Into their Futures 
3.4.21 Madeira High School's Renovation Project Complete
3.11.21 Bottle Caps to Benches
3.18.21 Madeira Middle Schooler Combines Science and Music
3.25.21 Madeira Fourth Graders Help Lead
3.25.21 Madeira Sixth Graders Connect Globally Through Art
4.8.21 Madeira City Schools’ Successful Audit Awarded
4.8.21 Madeira’s Undefeated Academic Team   
4.22.21 One of Madeira's Best
5.6.21 A Generous Donation Brings Prom Back to Madeira
5.6.21 The Top of Madeira High School's Class of 2021
5.13.21 Madeira Schools Foundation’s Distinguished Award Recipients
5.20.21 Making a Difference in Madeira
5.20.21 Madeira Alumnus Named New Theatre Arts Director
5.21.21 Madeira City Schools Places a Levy on November 2, 2021 Ballot
5.27.21 Made in Madeira Means Giving
5.27.21 Madeira High School Students Earn Community Service Awards
6.28.21 Trio Aces ACT