Notice to Bidders - MHS Gym HVAC Project

Last Updated: 4/29/2022 12:17 PM




The Madeira City School system will receive emailed bids for the furnishing of all labor and materials and the performance of all work required for the: 


Madeira High School – 

Gymnasium HVAC Replacement

Madeira City Schools

7465 Loannes Drive

Madeira, OH  45243


The project will include the complete removal of four existing heating and ventilating units serving the Main Gymnasium, Auxiliary Gymnasium, and Wrestling Room at Madeira High School – 7465 Loannes Drive, Madeira, Ohio 45243.  Those heating and ventilating units are to be replaced with four new units with DX cooling capabilities.  The main gym will be served by two packaged RTUs with indoor duct mounted hot water coils.  The auxiliary gym and wrestling room are to be served by two units that are semi-custom split systems which are to be installed in an existing mezzanine mechanical room.  The Main Gymnasium Lobby radiant hot water panels are also to be replaced by a horizontal configuration split system heat pump above the ceiling.  The new lobby system will also include new air distribution ductwork and new ceiling tiles and gypsum board as indicated.  The work is defined in the Construction Documents.  

Original advertisement date:  Friday, April 29, 2022. 


Emailed bids will be received by KZF Design until 12:00 Noon, EST, Wednesday May 25, 2022.  Bids will then be publicly “opened” and read aloud at 2:00pm EST, Wednesday May 25, 2022 at the Madeira City Schools Board of Education office and a report prepared for review by the Board of Education at their next regular scheduled meeting (6/21/22).  Bids will be received electronically via email (scanned PDF format) to the Architect with the subject line reading “Madeira HS Gymnasium HVAC Replacement – Name of your Company Bid”.  Bids are to be emailed to Jeff Evans at KZF Design and copied to Emily Hauser at Madeira City Schools ehauser@madeiracityschools.orgNO BIDS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL BE CONSIDEREDNo mailed in or faxed bids will be accepted.  You will receive a confirmation email from the architect after your bid has been received.  Contractors will be notified if / when hard copies will be required.  


A pre-bid meeting for this project shall be held at 11:00AM, EST, Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at Madeira High School Board of Education Office - 7465 Loannes Drive, Madeira, OH 45243.  Attendance at the pre-bid meeting is strongly recommended for Contractors.  This will be the only time Contractors will have in-person access to the HVAC Units being replaced prior to the project bid.


Any Requests for Information (RFI) should be submitted via email to the architect/engineer prior to noon on Wednesday May 18, 2022.  All contractors registered at the pre-bid meeting will be copied on any responses required.  RFI should be emailed to and  RFI and any Addendum for the project will be issued by Friday May 20, 2022.


Copies of the bid documents may be obtained by contractors from the KZF Design FTP Site:


Username: 805500

Password:  MadeiraGYMHVAC


Any cost of bid document reproduction will be the responsibility of the Bidding Contractor.  


The building permit will be applied for, secured, and paid for by Madeira City Schools prior to construction.  Contractor will be responsible for the cost of any/all inspections necessary throughout the project.


A single lump-sum contract shall be awarded based on the lowest and best lump sum bid deemed to be in the best interest of the Madeira City Schools.  The intention is to have the project award approved at the June 21, 2022 Board of Education meeting.  Any long lead time items can be ordered shortly thereafter.  Construction work may begin Monday April 3, 2023 and must be complete by Friday July 1, 2023.  


The Madeira Board of Education reserves the right to waive informalities, and to accept or reject any and all, or parts of any and all bids.  No bids may be withdrawn for at least 60 days after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids.  The Madeira Board of Education provides equal opportunities to all its bidders with respect to the bidding and award of construction contracts.  Federal Davis-Bacon Act Prevailing Wage Rates WILL apply to this project.


Bid Guaranty meeting the requirements of Section 153.54 of the Ohio Revised Code shall accompany each bid.  Said guaranty may be in the form of a bond (ORC 153.571) or a certified check, cashier's check, or letter of credit meeting the requirements of ORC 154.54. Certified or cashier's checks will not be returned until Board’s approval of the successful bidder.   Absence of this document will be grounds for automatic rejection of bids. 


Bids shall be submitted on the form furnished with the bid documents or a copy of that form.  Madeira City Schools require that the bidder submit with the bid, the following information:


  1. Proposal Form - properly signed, with completed unit prices, listing of all sub-contractors, and manufacturers at time of submittal.  

  2. Bid Security - evidence of bid security properly signed, witnessed and executed.

  3. Evidence of Experience - each bidder must submit evidence of its experience on projects of similar size and complexity.



By order of the Board of Education of the Madeira City School District, Emily Hauser, Treasurer