I Make a Difference Award

The Madeira City Schools and the Madeira community are comprised of dedicated and involved individuals who regularly go beyond the expected to 'make a difference' in our schools. They have the attitude of not being satisfied with the status quo, but of going the extra mile. The 'I Make a Difference Award' was created for the Madeira City School Board to recognize the extraordinary contribution of these people.

To nominate someone who makes a difference online, please see I Make a Difference Award online. 
For a nomination form please see: I Make a Difference Award. 

I Make a Difference
May 2019: Theresa Fisk, Bob Fisk, Gene Matsudo, Susan Crabill

I Make a Difference

May 2018: Jackie Preston, David Eberly, Michelle Mitchell, Denny Mitchell
Not pictured: Joe Kimling

swami kamil

December 2017: Cathy Swami and Tarek Kamil

I Make a Difference

May 2017: John Kolkmeyer, Dave Raheem, Mary Jo Pfaffinger,  Bob Hill, Hollis Bass 

May 2016: Justin Belarski, Anne Dunn, Cindy Cadet, Kim Homer, Tammi Chalfie, Gina Graham and Brandi Maples. 

December 2015: David Templeton, Kam Misleh

May 2015: Barbara Buchholz, Jennifer Jordan, Bob Westermeyer, Mark Macke, Cherrie Macke, Renita Heideman, Cathy Born. Not pictured: Natalie Gunawan. 

May 2014: Denise Booth, Pat Smith, Wayne Smith, Jay Adrick

December 2012: Jeff Smith

May 2012: Ralph and Tracey Blackwelder

December 2011: David McPherson, Peggy Nachtrab, Caroline DiMauro, Patti McElroy. Karen Dougherty, John Dobbs (May 2011), Rich Palmer, David Eberly, JD Landgrebe.

May 2011: Barb Linser, Louise LeCompte, Allison Evans and Ann Kappes.
Not pictured: John Dobbs, Carolyn Ladd, Rick & Renee Beach. 

September 2010: Steve Schlagbaum, Tom Walter

December 2009: Jay Groenke, Kathy Hurst, Pasquale Gentile

May 2009: Tom Ashmore, Dana Soper, Steve Soper

May 2008: Scott Almquist, Lisa Almquist, Margaret Miller, Kay Fluharty, Carol Thomas, Karen Doughterty, Sharon Foreman, Julie Speelman, Kim Homer, Kelly Wing. Not pictured: Abby Gard-Seelmeyer

December 2007: Sue Mueller, Jane Epperhart, Pete Boylan, John Gilster, Don Luthman

May 2007: Sharon Maiman, Kathy Winters, Sami Smith & Lexi, Louise LeCompte, Vic Parkhouse, Barb Linser, Jeanne Gulick, Laura Rolfes, Terry Jacobs. Not pictured: Tony & Patty Bassano, Mike Hummel, Jim Moffett, Steve Shaw

December 2006: Lisa Harrington, Steve Schlagbaum, Pat Shea, Jack Kuzniczci, Tom Kirkwood, Jeff Hill, Tom Sweets, Michael Murdock. Not pictured: Mickey Beyersdorfer

May 2006: Sheryl Erion, Jon Mauch, Laurie Westermeyer, Jeanne Gulick

December 2005: Dick Hartmann, Lynda Maslow, Arnie Maslow

2004-2005: Carolyn Edington, David McPherson, Denise Chastain, Donna Karda, John Chastain, Laura Rolfes, Mary McKay, Ruth Corgan

2003-2004: Gary Ventress, Jack Buchholz, Jean Lytle, Jeff Bauer, Laurel Bauer, Mark Paluta, Sandy Feist, Dan Henke 

2002-2003: Denise Chastain, Terry Larson, John Chastain

2001-2002: Kelley McNeal

2000-2001: Jeff Corn

1999-2000: Anthony Ricciardi, Beth Rusche, Carol Ladrigan, Diana Campbell, Diane Nichols, Doug Nichols, George Glover, Jana Garman, Jay Hanson, Jeanne Gulick, Jill Johnston, Julie Acomb, Laurel Bauer, Mark Holland, Mary Ann Adrick, Nick Andrews, Pat Tartarton, Rich Harwood, Sharon Maiman, Tom Shoop, Weslie Ostendorf

1998-1999: Gary Schneider, Bev Olinger, George Hurst, Harry Adler Jr, Karyn Hutson, Russ DeMar, Tim Yeomans

1997-1998: Bev Strelau, Ed Strelau, Gilbert Berry, Jeff Schiear, Joe Scherrer, Julie Schiear, Mary Anne Christie, Robert E. Lee, Tim Phillips

1996-1997: Diane Nichols, George Hurst, Jill Johnston, Kathy Hurst, Marc Lockhart, Ray Nulsen, Rich Mattes, Rick Staubach, Steve Fast

1995-1996: Cindy McPherran, Dick Hartmann, Doug Nichols, Emily Von Allmen, Jayne Floering, John Wykoff, Jon Mauch, Julie Hellebusch, Marge Caton, Pat Dorn, Phil Miekley, Rick West, Sid Wittenberg, Tony Baker