History of Madeira City Schools

first graduates

Since this first graduating class in 1923, Madeira City Schools has strived for excellence in education. Soon we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of that excellence! 

Daniel Hosbrook is said to have been the first teacher in Madeira and in 1808 began teaching in a small log building located on the southwest corner of Miami and Euclid Avenues. Madeira City Hall now stands on that corner. The log building burned down around 1827 and a free public school was opened in Columbia Township the same year. In 1839, a new stone school building in Madeira was constructed on McCullum Road (now Shawnee Run Road.) The building still stands today, occupied as a residence. 

By 1870 the Madeira school population had outgrown the little stone school and it was fortunate that by then a state system of public education had been implemented in Ohio. This authorized county commissioners to levy 1/2 mill property taxes to finance school building construction. A site was purchased at the southwest corner of Miami Avenue and Camargo Road and in 1875 a two-story brick structure was erected. It was known as "Madeira District No. 6." This building has two large rooms on the first floor for grades one through five, and one large room on the second floor for grades six through eight (Madeira did not have a high school until many years later.)

In 1912 the structure had become obsolete and was torn down and replaced by a new modern building, dedicated in 1913. Ten years later, the building was so crowded that two small basement rooms were made into classrooms and a two room 'colony'  was erected on the playground. City water was brought to Madeira in 1925 and water was then piped into the building and toilets were installed in the basement. 

Fifteen pupils started in high school when it began. Four years later when they graduated there were five pupils left. This was the first graduation from Madeira High School and it was held at the Presbyterian Church in June,1923. The members of the first graduating class were Harold Demar, Julian Nelson, Alma Slagle, Bernice Surran and Lloyd Wilson. The building they attended later eventually became Perin School and was torn down years ago, although the gymnasium remained standing for a long while.

In the early 1930's overcrowding was again a problem and plans were started for a new junior/senior high school across the road on Miami Avenue. The new building was completed in 1937. A major addition was made in the late 1940's and another in the early 1960's. This was Madeira High School, and eventually became W. M. Sellman School (the building was in use by the district until it was torn down so the current Madeira Middle School could be built on the site in 2006.) During the twelve year period following 1950 school enrollment jumped from 700 to 2,300. There was a need for 50 new classrooms and 55 teachers. A new elementary school was built in 1954 in the Northern end of Madeira (formerly Miami Hills, then J. F. Dumont - the current site of Madeira Elementary School dedicated in 2006.) A new campus type high school was built in 1958 (currently Madeira High School) with a science lab added in 1998. Renovations to the building were made followed by a dedication and grand opening on April 23, 2006. Madeira High School's Media Center was named in honor of James Perin. 

The community passed a bond levy in 2004 that allowed the district to build two new facilities. In the fall of 2006, the new Madeira Elementary School and J. F. Dumont Media Center was opened, as well as the new Madeira Middle School and W. M. Sellman Media Center. Updates at Madeira High School included energy conservation measures to help manage operating costs including light retrofitting occupancy sensors, HVAC controls and geothermal installations. The Perin Learning Commons (PLC), formerly Perin Media Center, was opened in January 2015. That fall, Perin Learning Commons Courtyard was built off the PLC - mostly by volunteers.

In the fall of 2016, thanks to the monetary, physical and manual donations of parents, alumni, staff, students and community members, a new Athletic Center opened at Madeira High School. Featuring over 6,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, new weights, ellipticals, exercise bikes & treadmills that look out walls of windows with high ceilings, an artificial turf agility area, state of the art sound and video systems in a bright and healthy environment, student-athletes and physical education classes were able to train year round. A community dedication to thank the volunteers was held Friday, February 3, 2017, and students began using the center.