The Top Seniors of the Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Top Seniors of the Class of 2021

Congratulations MHS Class of 2021 Top Seniors! 

The 44 graduates-to-be are this year’s Top Seniors who will graduate with a 4.0 or above GPA. The MHS Class of 2021 Top Seniors and their secondary education choices are: Ethan Bisselberg (Temple University), Quinton Blackwelder (Brigham Young University), Alexandra Born (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Nathaniel Born (Miami University), James Carpenter (The Ohio State University), Yvonne Colson (University of Washington), Courtney Culp (University of Dayton), Elijah DePiore (Columbia College Chicago), Sam DiMauro (University of Cincinnati), Katy Dimmitt (University of Cincinnati), Luke Dobson (Purdue University), Molly Donohue (The Ohio State University), Ethan Henry (The University of Alabama), Elyse Hertzmann (University of Cincinnati), Hannah Hodson (Brigham Young University), Lincoln Jones (University of Cincinnati), Logan Kaising (The Ohio State University), Luke Knull (The Ohio State University), Alex Krikorian (The Ohio State University), Frederick Kyser (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Helen Lewis (Ohio University), Meredith Lewis (University of Louisville), Ethan Lex (University of South Carolina), Michael Lu (Miami University), Mick Mattson (Belmont University), Luke Mitchell (The Ohio State University), Ava Mobley (Bowling Green State University), Malina Moore (University of Dayton), Abigail Palmer (University of Cincinnati), Paige Pennington (University of Cincinnati), Anna Rau (University of Cincinnati), Tommy Saba (Indiana University), Maggie Sampson (Miami University), Anne Scheid (University of Cincinnati), Brooke Schomaeker (Miami University), Jake Schomaeker (University of Alabama), Carly Scott (Case Western Reserve University), Robbie Shinkle (University of Dayton), Grayson Slusher (University of Cincinnati), Kaitlynn Teng (The Ohio State University), Luke Thompson (The Ohio State University), Marielle Thon (The Ohio State University), Nikki Turnbull (University of Tennessee), and Andrew Whitson (Miami University).

The MHS Class of 2021 Valedictorian is Alexandra Born and the Class of 2021 Salutatorian is Quinton Blackwelder.


CONGRATULATIONS MHS Class of 2021 Top Seniors!

Not pictured: Ethan Henry, Meredith Lewis, Mick Mattson, Luke Mitchell, Anna Rau, Tommy Saba, Brooke Schomaeker, Grayson Slusher, and Nikki Turnbull.

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