MHS Alumni in the News

The Landgrebe Family JD, Chris, Sue and Katie '11

Madeira High School alumnus Chris Landgrebe was named a Hoff Scholar-Athletes of the Week at University of California, Berkeley.

The Jonathan & Judy Hoff Scholar-Athlete of the Week program was created to recognize the academic development and achievements of the school's football student-athletes. Students are recognized for an academic skill that they have developed through practice, a study habit that they have formed into an effective routine, a measured outcome that they have accomplished through course performance, and/or a leadership trait that they have portrayed via their actions both in and out of the sporting space.

Transition & Development Coordinator Kasra Sotudeh, Ph.D. stated, "We are very proud of Chris and acknowledge the role Madeira has played in preparing him both academically and athletically."

Chris is a placekicker on UC Berkeley's team. He is the son of JD and Sue. For more please see Scholar-Athlete of the Week.

Pictured is the Landgrebe Family at MHS Senior Night in the fall of 2016; JD, Chris, Sue and Katie '11.

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