Madeira Receives Auditor's Award

auditor of state award

Caring for the resources of a school district is critical to the school district’s success. After a recent audit of Madeira City Schools by the Auditor of State’s office, Madeira City Schools again earned the Auditor of State Award for caring for and managing the district’s funds and producing a “clean audit report” with no findings of significant deficiencies or concerns.

An ongoing goal of the Madeira School Board is to manage district resources in a cost effective manner. As a group, they research and review all expenses to make sure that the students are getting the best education with the most efficient use of their resources. The district treasurer presents monthly financial reports to the Board of Education, which are formally approved at each month’s meeting. At the close of the fiscal year, financial reports are prepared and presented for audit by state auditors.

Since the existence of this award, the Madeira City School District’s Treasurer’s Office has received the Auditor of State Award every year. It is presented to local governments and school districts upon the completion of a successful financial audit.

District Treasurer/CFO Emily Hauser stated, “The Auditor of State’s Award represents the understanding of the importance of following best practices in financial controls. Our district receiving this award is due to the fiscal responsibility of our Board of Education, all our employees, and particularly the Treasurer's office staff."

A letter from Auditor of State Keith Faber commended the district saying “Clean and accurate recordkeeping is the foundation for good government, and the taxpayers can take pride in your commitment to accountability.”

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