Madeira Moves to Remote Learning

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After nearly 15 weeks of providing in-person learning to our Madeira students, the prevalence of the virus has begun to impact our schools in four major areas: our staffing thresholds, our numbers of positive cases, our current rate of incidence, and our number of quarantined students and staff.  In consultation with HCPH and our local Madeira HealthWatch Assessment Team, these combined factors are causing us to adjust our learning modality to remote learning.  

  • Monday 12/7 will be used as a calamity transition day for teachers to plan and move their entire classroom instruction to online - No students PK-12 (except 5th Grade) will be Zooming in for classroom instruction.  MMS 5th grade students who were already transitioning to remote learning will be Zooming on Monday.
  • Tuesday 12/8 ALL students PK-12 will begin remote learning through the end of the semester, Friday 12/18.
  • In addition, we will also be "pausing" on our Athletic teams and extracurriculars at MHS and MMS with no games or practices for the week of 12/6 - 12/13 to understand any other additional impacts based on our current positive case rate. 
  • Additional information about the transition to online learning will be provided by building Principals and Grade Level Teams.

While I realize there will be a wide-array of opinions on this decision, I appreciate and will draw everyone back to our promise our students took, our parents took, and that staff took as we embarked on our school year - our My Madeira Promise.  As we have worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for our in-person and at-home learners this school year, we are needing to be flexible and responsive to our situation and make the necessary adjustments needed on behalf of our students and staff.  Our Madeira HealthWatch Assessment Team will continue to monitor our data with a goal of returning to in-person learning beginning in January.  Additional updates will be provided as we get closer to second semester.  

Kenji Matsudo, Superintendent

Madeira City Schools

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