MSF Distinguished Award Recipients


This year's recipients were recognized at the Foundation’s annual luncheon on May 13.

MSF Distinguished Awards were presented to Bo & Tina Gutierrez (Friend of the Foundation Award), Lydia Seiter ’15 (Distinguished Alumni/Citizen Award), and Jennifer Bracken (Distinguished Staff Award). In addition to being honored at the luncheon, an engraved nameplate for each honoree is permanently affixed to the Distinguished Award Plaque in the main hallway at Madeira High School. An engraved commemorative paving brick is placed in the “Walk of Fame” entrance to Romano Court.

The Madeira Schools Foundation also donates upwards of $25,000 annually to graduating seniors and alumni to pursue their college education. This year’s MSF scholarship recipients were also honored at the May 13 luncheon; Maggie Sampson (Andrea Dennis Scholar), Evan Dickess (Patrick Wood Scholar), Malina Moore (Nina Bechtel Knox Scholar and John D. Rahe Scholar), James Carpenter (Steve Kramer Scholarship), Alexandra Born (John D. Rahe Scholar), Nathaniel Born (John D. Rahe Scholar), Courtney Culp (John D. Rahe Scholar), Gabrielle Hugentobler (John D. Rahe Scholar), Jack Neiberding (Matthew Simpson Art Scholar), Carly Scott (Adrick Family Scholar), Mattie Waltz (Entrepreneur of the Year), Isabella Gutierrez (Santoro  Entrepreneurship Scholarship), and Max Keller (Vinnie Englert Award).

More information on the Foundation can be found at or by contacting Director of Alumni Relations Mindi Hilgeman at

Pictured are 2021 MSF Scholarship recipients; Row 1 (l to r): Max Keller, Alexandra Born, Gabrielle Hugentobler, Isabella Gutierrez, Courtney Culp, Mattie Waltz, and Maggie Sampson. Row 2: Carly Scott, James Carpenter, Nathaniel Born, and Jack Neiberding. Not pictured: Evan Dickess, and Malina Moore.

msf distinguished
Pictured are 2021 MSF Distinguished Award recipients (l to r): Lydia Seiter, Bo Gutierrez, Tina Gutierrez, and Jennifer Bracken.


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