Welcome to our New Staff Members!


The newest members of the Madeira City School family were welcomed to the district at the annual New Staff Orientation on August 10. After coffee and bagels, the day began with an introduction and overview of the district’s goals by Superintendent Kenji Matsudo and Assistant Superintendent Dave Bergan. The new employees were then introduced to district operations by Treasurer Emily Hauser, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Lora Graziani, Public Relations Director Diane Nichols, and Student Services Director Jessica Hunter. After a tour of the city and schools in Madeira, the new employees were treated to lunch before returning to their individual buildings. The orientation was held courtesy of the Board of Education.

new staff
Pictured (l to r) Row 1: Abby Horwitz (Preschool Teacher), Taylor McConney (Elementary School Intervention Specialist), Alice Puthoff (Middle School Educational Assistant), Allison Abas (Elementary School First Grade Teacher), Lea Harrison (Elementary School Third Grade Teacher), Melissa Tatum (High School Counseling Administrative Assistant), Leah Brady (Preschool Educational Assistant) Row 2: Natalie Stretcher (Preschool Teacher), Ally Preston (Preschool Educational Assistant), Katie Feldmann (Preschool Educational Assistant), Jamie Purcell (Elementary School Educational Assistant), Mary Christoff (Middle School Teacher), Madison Ehler (Middle School Nurse), Beth Hertzman (High School Educational Assistant), Jennifer Ulland (High School Math Teacher), Betsy Flynn (Elementary School Educational Assistant), Nick Wainscott (High School Biology Teacher), Carolynn Ficke (Treasurer’s Office Administrative Assistant/Accounts Payable),  Stephanie Geiger (Middle School Math Teacher), Chris Wagner (High School Math Teacher), Conner Higgins (Middle School Language Arts Teacher), Katherine Howell (High School Culinary Arts/Foods Teacher), Megan Sand-Espinoza (Preschool Educational Assistant), Katie Yoder (High School Children’s Hospital Medical Center Therapist), Natalie Luxton ((Preschool Educational Assistant), Megan Miller (Preschool Teacher)

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