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  Emily Hauser-Treasurer/CFO

 The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer in the district and oversees all financial operations of the district. Information specific to Madeira City Schools' finances   can be found in this section including forms and helpful links. 

Each month Financial Reports are presented to the Board of Education for the prior month's business. The financial's are formally approved during the Board meeting. The fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. At the close of the fiscal year, financial reports are prepared and presented for audit. By December, the State of Ohio Auditor of State has completed reviewing all audit workpaper's and financial reports and the Final Audited Financial Reports are published.

Other reports included under the links section of this page are provided by the Department of Education. These reports are for the prior fiscal year and take additional time to become available for publication.

There is a link provided to the Hamilton County Auditor's website and a link provided to the State of Ohio Auditor of State website.

The Treasurer is the Secretary and the Public Records Officer for the Board of Education. Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions concerning the Financial Reports or if you would like to make a public records request.
For questions pertaining to the Treasurer's department please see the contact information below.
Office Number - 513-985-6070 • Fax Number - 513-985-6072

Melody Gregory
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator



Seana Whapham
Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer
Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable


Ask the Treasurer/CFO

If you have a specific question about the district's finances, we would like to provide you an answer.

Please email Emily Hauser, Treasurer/CFO, at or call 513-985-6070 if you have a question. We look forward to sharing information with you so that you can remain informed about how Madeira City Schools manages its resources.

Financial Reports and information to help you better understand the district's financial position and historical reports are available on the right side of the Treasurer's webpage.