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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a group of volunteer Madeira residents and teachers who routinely research, report, and make recommendations to the Board of Education on a variety of topics.  The Planning Commission is currently divided up into groups researching the following topics for the 2023-2024 school year:

Study: Building Transitions - 5th to 6th & 8th to 9th 

The focus of this study will be to gather best practices to promote positive student success as they transition from one building to the next within our Madeira school experience. Within our school district, how can we help build positive relationships among students and staff and set appropriate expectations for increased learning and independence? What are fun traditions or exciting new ways to enhance our grade level experience as they begin anew in a new building? What do other schools or school districts do to welcome new students and transition students to their next new building? How can we set students up for success?

Study: Surveying our Parents for Effective Feedback

This study will provide the school district with a refreshed annual parent survey based on our Madeira Culture Playbook. How can we more easily receive effective feedback in the areas of Accountability & Action, Care & Connect, Challenge & Support, and Create & Explore through a survey format that parents can easily access and provide input? The study should share the importance of gauging parent feedback as well as reviewing our existing survey developed through a partnership with the University of Cincinnati. The goal would be to refresh and align to the culture playbook while also seeking input on our district established goals of Teaching & Learning, Climate & Culture, Communication & Partnership, and Financial Stewardship.

Study: Salary & Benefits Study

This study will examine how the Madeira teacher salary schedule and benefits compares to other area school districts.

Study: Career & Tech Readiness/Internship Opportunities Study

This team of PC members will explore how we can better prepare and expose students to careers and job fields of interest. What do we currently do to require students to begin thinking about possible career paths and/or how could we leverage a similar approach to internship hours just as we have students completing service hours? What are other examples of career readiness from other high performing high schools and how do they expose students to career exploration? This team will research the merits of having high school students engaged in “next step” thinking and having exploration experiences leading toward graduation. 

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