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MHS Commons Building Renovation

In 2014 the Madeira City School District’s Planning Commission studied the current needs, usage, similar schools’ facilities, and the feasibility of renovating the Commons Building - which was not included in the 2006 high school renovations. Their recommendation to the school board was that the wing be updated. The Commons Building renovation project was added to the Permanent Improvement Plan the following year. Madeira partnered with MSA Architects and HGC Construction to redesign and reinvent the MHS Commons Building. The project was started in the summer of 2020 and was completed in the spring of 2021, under budget. Improvements include: 

Medert Auditorium
• Accessibility upgrades including designated seating areas and a lift to access the stage
• All new lighting and audio systems, including up to date controls that can be accessed remotely
• Pit filler area constructed which increases the size of the stage and provides the option for an orchestra pit as needed
• Sound panels and ceiling tiles added to ensure optimum acoustics
• New seats installed, with a new orientation directing line of sight to the stage
• Sound booth and theater director office removed, adding a mezzanine to house lighting and a/v equipment
• Lobby area expanded with the removal of the office and TV panels added.  This will allow for easier flow in and out of the theater and overflow patrons will be able to watch the performance from the lobby monitors
• New carpet and flooring throughout
• Designated theater storage room created to house materials and set construction



Cafeteria / Kitchen
• New serving area for students featuring grab and go stations to increase efficiency and flow
• Wall to hallway eliminating, allowing students to sit in an expanded area throughout the corridor
• Updated furniture to provide a variety of options for students
• Curved island with electric outlets added to be used for student seating during the day and serving for events
• Kitchen equipment updated to right size and space to increase efficiency
• New lighting fixtures, ceiling panels, and flooring throughout



Art Room
• Custom cabinets added to create storage for materials and student work
• Updated dark room and storage rooms created
• Kiln room created for increased safety and usability
• New multipurpose flooring
• New furniture for students as well as pull down power chords to increase functionality




Band Room
• New acoustic paneled ceiling to replace existing open ceiling concept
• Acoustic panels added to walls
• New flooring throughout
• Band storage room and additional classroom space added, allowing easy access to items from the football field or the classroom
• Outfitted with a new Viewsonic interactive teaching panel and sound system



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