Homework Policy

Spelling:   The spelling lists are sent home in the homework folder each week.

Math Facts and Concepts:  Practice addition and subtraction math facts with your child for at least 15 minutes each week.  When you finish, please sign your child's math fact practice log, located in the homework packet.  Practice counting coins and bills.  It's fun to count mixed coins from a piggy bank or wallet.  Think of counting coins as skip counting; for example, count by 5s and 10s with nickels and dimes.  Practice telling time with analog clocks.  This is another opportunity to count minutes by 5s. 
Reading:  Your child should read a minimum of 20 minutes each day.   Fill out the reading log located in the homework packet.  Ask your child questions during and after his/her reading.  For example, who are the characters in this story, where does it take place?  Why do you think the author wrote this story?  What did or what are you learning as you read this story.  Can you summarize this story for me?
Remember reading aloud to your second grader continues to be very important.  Aside from the fun of sharing a good book, your child can hear your fluency, expression, and even interest in the story.

The homework folder with the 
Reading and Math Log inside it, is to be signed and returned on Friday.  

Library books should always be returned on Monday, our library day.  Your child may take quizes in the classroom on books that have Accelerated Reader quizes.  Books from the library indicate this with a blue dot on the spine.  We also have a selection of AR books in the classroom.  Most of my collection of books actually have AR quizes.  If your child finishes a library book then he/she can go to the library and check out another book.  Open checkout for the library is right after announcements, (T,W,TH,F)
In the second part of the year in the homework folder,  you will find a reading comprehension and/or language arts skill page.  This will then be considered part of our required homework.  We are intently focusing on different skills.