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Made in Madeira Scholarship


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The History of Made in Madeira 


Since 2018, every member of each Madeira High School (MHS) graduating class who attends a college, university, career training program, or enters the military receives a monetary scholarship - originally $250 and now $300. This monetary scholarship is known as the Made in Madeira Scholarship.

The scholarships were made possible by a generous donation from the estate of Homer O. Amos. A WW II Veteran and long-time Madeira resident and business owner, Mr. Amos was proud of his sons and their graduation from Madeira High School in the early 1970’s. As Madeira’s local TV repairman and laundromat owner, Mr. Amos’ shop on Camargo Road served Madeira and the surrounding area for many, many years. Mr. Amos was also an avid investor, successful in managing and growing his assets but who in many ways lived a simple and modest life. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 90, and as part of his final wishes had his estate shared with Madeira High School graduates. Mr. Amos’ generous gift of $750,000 provided the foundation of the Made In Madeira Scholarship which will be built on for years to come.

Each May when the current graduating class receives word of their scholarships, they receive a Made in Madeira t-shirt as Superintendent Matsudo shares the history behind the awards with the students, and the lesson they instill. “I hope that this generous Made in Madeira Scholarship given to you by a Madeira community member you never knew sparks an even greater sense of purpose for who you are and who you can become as you leave Madeira High School,” Matsudo stated. “Being Made in Madeira is not just about what you say, it’s about what you do.  Being Made in Madeira is not about how you start, it’s how you finish. It’s not only about who you are but who you can become. Being Made in Madeira is not about getting, it’s about giving. And if things aren’t quite perfect or you’ve hit a roadblock or a bump along life’s journey ….. being Made in Madeira means that it’s never too late to change your path or course of direction because above all else, being Made in Madeira means that you never, ever give up. I know of no other public high school in the State of Ohio who is able to offer this kind of an opportunity to each and every one of their graduates” 

The scholarship funds continue to grow as donations are made in memory of family, friends, alumni, and former teachers by individuals or entire classes in amounts ranging from $10 to $2,500. Often graduates will donate parts or all of their scholarship back to the school annually in an effort to ‘pay it forward.’

For more information please contact the Madeira City School District Board Office at 513-985-6070 or Madeira Schools Foundation Director of Alumni Relations Mindi Hilgeman at 513- 924-3725.

To Join the Legacy
Please contact Madeira Superintendent
Kenji Matsudo at 513.985.6070

Madeira Schools Foundation 
Director of Alumni Relations
Mindi Hilgeman at 513.924.3725

Naming the Madeira Schools Foundation in your will or estate can mean significant tax benefits for you while supporting the future of quality public education. Certain types of Charitable Remainder Trusts can even provide income for you and your family in addition to providing a meaningful gift to your alma mater.
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